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Hardware and software suite «Inmash-Pro»

LLC Concern "Inmash" has developed a software and hardware suite "Inmash-Pro" - a modern production management system that meets the objectives of digitalization of the industry. The innovative development was supported by the Innovation Promotion Foundation (Bortnik Foundation) in 2018-2019. The suite has been tested in its own real production and is ready for implementation at third-party enterprises. Monitoring and control system for ordinary equipment in mechanical engineering. Efficient. Flexible. Customizable. Just takes a day. For small and medium businesses

Tasks to be solved:

Russian innovations: 

  • state of the art domestic production management system;
  • inclusion of ordinary (conventional, previous generations, obsolete) production equipment;
  • collects and analyzes production data in real time at enterprises with an operating fleet of equipment over 100 units.
  • secure transfer of information from the point of operation to the monitoring center of the enterprise;
  • innovative development, supported by the Fund for Promotion of Innovations;
  • operation manual - in Russian;
  • generated documents - according to Russian GOST and OKUD;
  • the heart of the suite is two Russian patents;

Openness and flexibility:

  • easy tools for configuring interfaces for the desired industry and the specifics of the enterprise;
  • built-in multilanguage support with the ability to customize your language for each user;
  • open architecture - any add-ons and functional refinement for your tasks;
  • modular implementation - take only those functions that you need;
  • web technologies - connect as many workplaces as you like;
  • support of any level: from remote technical support to implementation and revision for your specifics.

Modern solutions:

  • providing the consumer with information in real time about the actual status of the execution of his order;
  • "bottom-up" automation of production;
  • fast implementation - deployment of software modules within 1 day and flexible configuration system "on the fly";
  • supports the simultaneous operation of terminal devices from different manufacturers;
  • data exchange via Wi-Fi, PLC-I, PLC-II, RS-485;
  • availability (optionally) of the basic set of sensors necessary for the operation of the system;

Manage in a new way:

  • management of product development and control of processes for its implementation, production dispatching;
  • tracking of redistributions and genealogy of products;
  • management of operations (production processes);
  • full-fledged control of the compliance of the list, the essence and sequence of the executed production processes with the technical requirements for each product/batch;
  • automated accounting, control of placement, movement, use and write-off of stock items;
  • planning of warehouse operation, stock management;
  • accounting and control of working time, access control and management;
  • documents workflow for manufactured products (technical and process documentation, etc.);
  • product quality management, quality control with guaranteed production of suitable products, claim management.

Analyze and save:

  • optimization of production plans, equipment loading, production processes;
  • control of equipment, maintenance and repair, evaluation of equipment performance;
  • monitoring of consumed electric power;
  • analysis and forecast of operational processes;
  • accounting of consumed resources and control over the efficiency of their use;
  • performance/efficiency analysis.

Most effective in discrete industries for:

  • engineering data management;
  • maintenance and planning of labor costs;
  • production planning;
  • organization of document flow;
  • operational management of production;
  • accounting of consumed resources and control over the efficiency of their use;
  • stock management;
  • quality management.

Subcontracting is included:

  • collaboration and cooperation tools (with external contractors, subcontractors, and partners);
  • search for a subcontractor for each technological operation;
  • information about the equipment use "windows" - let the machines not stand idle;
  • algorithms for one- and two-dimensional cutting;
  • joint cutting - save on materials with partners;
  • joint warehouse - a new level of interaction with suppliers

Learn more about the capabilities of the suite on the official website:

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