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CONCLUSION about confirmation of the production
of industrial products in the territory of the Russian Federation

Welding and assembly production

LLC Concern "Inmash" has its own welding production - a complex of various technological operations for the manufacture of a welded structure ready for use.

Production area: 

  • production premises 13.5 m high, 24 m wide and up to 200 m long;
  • the areas are equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 and 5 tons;
  • there are access roads for vehicles

Technological capabilities: 

  • welding area;
  • area for cutting rolled products, cutting and straightening a sheet;
  • plasma cutting;
  • cutting with guillotine shears;
  • cleaning of welded parts, cleaning and reworking of castings, cleaning of parts for paintwork, shot cleaning;
  • section of machining for welding;
  • stamping area;
  • bending, rolling, stitching;
  • painting

Production facilities have strong design and technological service, a certified welding laboratory, a quality control service, which provide full support for the manufacturing and control process. The availability of modern equipment allows us to master new products according to our own developments.

We offer the possibilities of LLC Concern "Inmash" in the manufacture of metal structures for your Company.

The availability of modern equipment and the competence of the specialists in the design and technological bureau, and the qualifications of the main production workers made it possible to produce the following products: since 2009 - auto transporter semi-trailers, block containers; since 2010 - power transformer tanks, attachments (agricultural, logging, construction, utilities); since 2011 - horizontal tanks; since 2012 - horizontal and vertical steel tanks, collapsible ramps; since 2016 - units of the drilling rig movement system, mast structures (communication towers), equipment for oil producing companies (racks, work platforms, drilling bases, receiving bridges, air defense service platforms, etc.); since 2017 - transport baskets (for the external suspension of the helicopter), metal structures for gas stations, etc.; since 2020 - bridges and bridge crossings (pontoon-bridge set, bridge on rigid supports, collapsible, low-water, permanent and combined).

The tank is used to install the active part of the transformer in it. Consists of harness, bottom, frame and cover. The tank cover is the basis for installing the expander, inputs and actuators of the switching devices.

The mechanical strength of the tank and the tightness of the welds are tested by overpressure.

Product name

Weight, kg























The wellhead power working platform is designed to install a drilling rotor. Options for carrying capacity from 60 t to 250 t are possible.

Overall dimensions and height according to the technical specifications of the Customer. To ensure the permitted size of the site during transportation, two design options are possible:

  • With the use of a diagonal trapezoid, providing a plane-parallel movement of the platform up and down.
  • Support legs are made "pipe in pipe".

Support beams and skids are designed to move the base of the drilling rig along the guides within the cluster field and align it with the ground. They are used in "Slider" travel systems in the construction of oil and gas wells. The way of movement is sliding along the support beams.

The use of the system for moving the drilling rig with skids along the support beams reduces the time of assembly and dismantling works by 20 times.


Collapsible ramp is designed for installation of a mobile lifting unit on well pads of oil wells during drilling, development and repair of wells with high wellhead equipment, in swampy areas without backfilling.

The height of the ramp is made according to customer requirements from 500 mm to 2500 mm. Loading capacity of the ramp is from 125 tf to 250 tf. Possible designs: non-adjustable in height, adjustable with screw jacks, two-tier.


The platforms dock to the ramps and are intended for servicing a mobile drilling rig in unprepared, swampy oil wells or cluster drilling.


Skid mounted catwalks are designed for horizontal storage of drill pipes, tubing and turbodrills.        

They serve to increase the mobility and improve the labor productivity of the crews of the current (underground) well workover. For accumulation of tubing pipes, side racks with side racks are used, the racks, in turn, have height adjustment using the pins, depending on the terrain.

The maximum permissible load on the racks and overall dimensions are carried out in accordance with the technical specifications of the Customer.


Transport baskets are designed for storage and transportation, including on the external suspension of a helicopter, of downhole telemetry equipment assemblies.

It is a welded structure made of a steel profile pipe. The basket is equipped with lugs for attaching to the external harness of the helicopter.

The carrying capacity of the basket is 5.5 tons.

Climatic modification - KHL1 in accordance with GOST 15150.


Designed for the equipment of bridge crossings with a carrying capacity of up to 60 tons. The pontoon bridge does not depend on the depth of the water barrier and has a high carrying capacity.

The pontoon fleet makes it possible to equip bridge and ferry crossings over water obstacles with a current speed of up to four meters per second and an waving up to three points. The bridge park can be divided into 12 parts, each of which can be independently used to equip bridge and ferry crossings - respectively, 12 ferries or bridges.


The production of metal structures of buildings and structures, as well as overpasses for fastening process pipelines, cable overpasses was mastered.

Cable racks are elevated structures for cable laying. The design allows placing cable communications in the territory of an industrial facility, making optimal use of the above-ground space, without occupying underground trenches and canals.


Full cycle production of masts and communication towers:

  • Lighting masts and lighting poles;
  • Antenna mast structures;
  • Communication towers and supports. (Cell towers);
  • Towers and masts on a weighted support;
  • Communication posts;
  • Communication towers lightning rods, stand-alone;
  • PMS floodlight masts;
  • Tubes and brackets.
  • Drilling mast (tower);

Universal block containers make it possible to provide the necessary infrastructure for various purposes in a short time. Containers come in many interior and exterior finishes:

  • For residential/household/office use;
  • For installation of a diesel power plant;
  • To accommodate compressor equipment;
  • For installing UPS, voltage stabilizers;
  • For placing a boiler plant;
  • For distribution equipment;
  • To accommodate a fire station;
  • To locate a pumping station;
  • For server hardware;
  • For other equipment.

Horizontal tanks for oil, oil products, drainage are designed for storage, as well as reception and delivery of light and dark oil products, process water. The tank design provides for both surface and underground installation. Vessels can have flat or conical bottoms. Upon the request of the customer, the equipment can be equipped with service platforms.

The maximum volume of the cistern is 200 m3. Climatic versions: UHL in accordance with GOST 15150 (when supplied to regions with a temperate and cold climate), HL in accordance with GOST 15150 (when supplied to regions with a cold climate).


Technical specifications:

Curb weight, kg, max


Carrying capacity, kg, no more


Full weight, kg, no more


. Semi-trailer overall dimensions, mm


- length


- width


- height


Number of axles, pcs


. Wheel track, mm


Max. speed, km/h


Loading height, mm




With the upper platform raised


- vehicles "VAZ", LACETTI, NEXIA, DEU


- vehicles "GAZ", Mitsubishi, Toyota


With the upper platform lowered


- SUVs "UAZ", Mitsubishi, Toyota, KIA


minivans "Gazelle", "FORD"class.



The drilling winch is the main mechanism of the lifting system of the mobile drilling rig. Serves for the following operations: lowering and lifting of drill and casing pipes, keeping the pipe string suspended in the process of drilling or flushing a well, lifting the drill string and pipes when building up. Designed for completing drilling units with a lifting capacity of 80 tons.

Type - single drum with two disc, pneumatic, friction clutches.

Maximum tractive effort - 17 tf.

The maximum lifting speed is 1.8 m/s.


The unit for pipe dewaxing with scrapers UDS-1M is designed for mechanical cleaning from paraffin of lifting flow strings, compressor and oil wells equipped with submersible electric pumps.

The maximum cleaning depth is 3000 m, the operating mode is automatic, semi-automatic or manual. The applied design of the scraper allows you to reliably remove wax deposits from the inner surface of the tubing both when descending and ascending.

UDS-1M has reliably proven itself among oil companies such as Rosneft, INK, Bashneft, etc.


Drilling swivels are designed to support the weight of the drill string and to supply flushing fluid from the pump to the bottom while drilling wells and to enable the drill string to rotate.

Capacity - 80 t, 100 t, 125 t.

The pressure of the pumped liquid is from 20 to 25 MPa.

Nominal bore diameter 75 mm.

Weight 350 kg, 420 kg, 430 kg.


Travel block is a movable power component of a drilling rig travel system. Serves for free support of drilling tools and other drilling equipment. Designed for completing drilling units with a lifting capacity of 80 tons.

Capacity - 80 tons

Number of rollers - 3 pcs

Roller diameter at the bottom of the groove - 470 mm

Rope diameter - 25 mm

Length - 2050 mm, width - 480 mm, height - 600 mm

Weight - 980 kg


Attachment types:

Construction sector:

  • Pile cutters;
  • Buckets, dumps;
  • Vibratory rippers;
  • Concrete mixers;
  • Vibrating rammers;
  • Trenchers.


  • Mulchers;
  • Mowers;
  • Cutters, cultivators.

Public service:

  • Auger rotors;
  • Road brushes;
  • Vacuum trailers.